best dpf cleaning machine

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Kingkar, DPF/EGR regeneration cleaning machine, is an automatic regeneration cleaning equipment that integrates DPF and EGR cleaning. Combined with the cleaning and regeneration agent, it can effectively remove residual particles, ash, sludge and other impurities and regenerate efficiently. The intelligent regeneration cleaning machine uses advanced technologies such as physical pulse cycle cleaning and surge cycle cleaning, combined with special cleaning agents to remove accumulated particles in the channel; it is equipped with a waste liquid flocculation purification treatment system to recycle and purify the waste liquid so that it can fully reach the discharge level. standards to ensure safety and environmental protection.We have rich overseas market experience. OEM and ODM orders are welcome.

Technical advantages

  1. It can quickly and effectively remove soot, colloid, sludge, ash, metal salt and other blockages in the DPF channel.
  2. Professional detergent formula, zero damage to DPF precious metal coating
  3. Effectively avoid the emission of organic gases during high-temperature calcination.
  4. The cleaning fluid can be reused multiple times to reduce sewage discharge.
  5. Six-in-one intelligent design, high degree of automation and simple operation
  6. Low installed power and low operating cost

    Product name
    best dpf cleaning machine
    Air bag joint
    DN25 air bag joint componentDN40 air bag joint component
    Drainage ball valve
    1 inch outer wire pagoda ball valve (k20-g1)
    PG joint
    PG19 black
    With fuse caliper base 8A Delixi
    Rated power
    Air bag
    Inflatable pipe 3242 L=170Inflatable pipe 4858 L=170
    Water tank
    Working environment
    Connecting pipe
    Packaging Details
    Flow rate
    Supply Ability
    958 Set/Sets per Month
    Working environment
    Quantity (sets)
    1 — 4
    Connecting hose
    27*35 steel wire negative pressure pipe with 1 inch quick connector L=3M
    Lead time (days)

    best dpf cleaning machine - KingKar

    best dpf cleaning machine - KingKar

    best dpf cleaning machine - KingKar

    best dpf cleaning machine—An Ultimate FAQ Guide.

Our revolutionary machine is designed to deliver exceptional performance and results, making it the top choice for cleaning diesel particulate filters (DPFs). With innovative technology and a user-friendly design, our DPF cleaning machine ensures efficient and thorough cleaning of DPFs, optimizing their performance and prolonging their lifespan. Say goodbye to costly replacements and hello to a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution with our advanced DPF cleaning machine. Trust us to keep your vehicles and equipment running smoothly and safely.

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